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Why do business with us?
*You will become part of the family.  At YOUR DIAMONDS we will share with you our 30 years experience in the trade.
*Personal Experience:  You will be encouraged to learn about diamonds and be involved in the process of selecting your distinctive stone, designing your ring or jewellery item and see your idea come to life.  This is a journey.
*Our private, comfortable and secure premises will add to your diamond buying experience.
*You must be aware of the investment you are making and not be fooled into purchasing brand names within the average retail environment.  Get the most diamond you can for your budget.
*Every jewellery element will be valued and certified in writing.

*“When you do business with us you do business with family”…
*You receive a Lifetime Upgrade Promise* with each Diamond element you purchase with us.
*Our Diamond Price Match Guarantee.* This allows you to bring us a quotation from any of our competitors.
*Our Loyalty Plan* will bring you into our circle of YOUR DIAMOND Friends and give you access to desirable future benefits.
*YD AfterCare Service* which enters you into our after sale program allowing 2 complimentary jewellery cleanses a year and a complimentary remodel in year 3 after purchase.

*Every jewellery element leaving the YOUR DIAMONDS manufacturing facility comes with a Warranty of
*Skill and Craftsmanship of the highest caliber.  We work to a stringent quality control process and each jewellery element will be scrutinized by our team of professionals; and
*Nothing will leave our premises until you are 100% happy with your jewellery investment.
*All materials utilized in the creation of your item are of a standard of excellence, fair trade and conflict free.
*We only deal in certified loose diamonds.  GIA and EGL laboratory certified diamonds.

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