All About Ruby Rings – Are They Right For You?

Jun 06, 17 All About Ruby Rings – Are They Right For You?
Jun 06, 17

Ruby rings are some of the most beautiful rings available for everyday wear as they are also very durable. Whether you are searching for new additions to your jewelry collection or you are searching for a unique engagement ring, ruby rings offer an ideal solution. They are rated a number 9 on the Moh’s scale for hardness so you can feel confident knowing that they will withstand the test of time. Learning more about ruby rings can help you to choose the best one for your needs.

About Ruby Rings

The ruby stone is actually sourced from the mineral corundum and the highest quality rubies are sourced from all around the worlds. Some of the countries that rubies are most frequently sourced from include Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Kenya, and Vietnam. You can find the most beautiful rubies from here that are made into magnificent ruby rings. These rings are simply exquisite and offer the wearer a lasting piece that is sure to be eye catching.

Choosing the very best ruby rings

On the whole, rubies tend to be more expensive than any other gemstone. This is due to their durability and hardness. When evaluating which rubies to choose, it helps to focus on color. The more intense the hue of the ruby, the more value the ring will have. If you are going for the most valuable ring, make sure to pick a ruby ring with a nice vibrant hue. When looking into color, one can also benefit from considering the tonality. The tone of the ruby will describe the dark parts of the stone and how deep the red looks.

There is no doubt that ruby rings make great gifts. Find a trusted local jeweler you can depend on to supply the beautiful ruby rings you are looking for.

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