How to Buy a Customized Piece of Islamic Gold Jewelry for Your Partner

Apr 22, 21 How to Buy a Customized Piece of Islamic Gold Jewelry for Your Partner

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If you’re buying a gift to surprise your partner, you want something as unique and brilliant as they are. Why not skip the hours of online browsing and have a piece of Islamic gold jewelry designed specifically for them? Many major jewelry companies offer customization services. You can sit down, figure out a design, view a 3D model, and have the piece cast and formed exactly to your specifications. How Does it Work? To start, you’ll call the jewelry store to schedule your appointment. It helps if you bring in pictures of examples so they know exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll discuss the finer details of the piece and choose your stones and metals. Once the sketch has been finalized, your design will be converted into a 3D digital model. The design isn’t permanent–at this point, you can still make alterations. If you’re satisfied, the jeweler will ask you to officially approve the models and renderings. If you’re happy with the design, the 3D model will be converted into a physical wax model that you can actually hold in your hand. Then the model will be used to craft the base of the Islamic gold jewelry piece. This base will be sent away for polishing and stone setting. Once the piece is finished, you’ll pick it up at the store and have a beautiful customized gift for your partner. Your jeweler can customize just about anything: necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, earrings, pendants, wedding rings, and even entire jewelry sets. Be the first to...

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