Workout Rhythmic Gymnastics Leotards

Jul 18, 19

Leotards are the uniforms used in the gymnastics world. During the 1980s, the choices for these garments were less than fashionable, so Connie Garland decided that it was time for that to change. It was Garland’s daughter who inspired her, and since she was a seamstress to boot, she was able to create custom leotards for her daughter. When the other gymnastics saw Connie’s daughter wearing these unique leotards, they wanted to wear them too, and a business was born.

Today, Garland Activewear manufactures merchandise ranging from rhythmic gymnastics leotards to custom competition ones. The company makes boy’s apparel for the sport as well as meet leotards. Competitively priced, Garland’s products allow smaller gyms to order the same quality gymnastics apparel as large, world-class gyms. The company’s products continue to be customizable, so gymnastics coaches can order them with embroidery or fashion embellishments. A little bling ensures that your team will stand out from the competition. Free mockups are available. This lets you see exactly how the leotard will turn out. Garland also makes its apparel from moveable fabric to ensure that the wearer has freedom of movement.

To create a leotard, just select your preferred style, the colors and any embellishments that you wish to add. Your order will be delivered to you quickly. In addition to custom leos and competition ones, Garland also makes workout rhythmic gymnastics leotards. There are many styles to choose from, making it easy to select one or more that fits the personality of each gymnast. You can even sign up as a wholesaler if you need to stock your gymnastics gym with merchandise.

Garland Activewear produces quality gymnastics leotards and other gymnastics apparel. With quick shipping and a return policy, the company believes in providing a satisfactory customer experience for all of its clients. Contact Garland to make an order today.

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