Breast Prosthesis for Mastectomy Swimwear

Apr 16, 19

One of the challenges faced by many women who have undergone a mastectomy is getting back in the water, and for women who choose not to have reconstructive surgery, a breast prosthesis for mastectomy swimwear can help them to feel comfortable and confident in the water again.

The right breast prosthesis can give you volume and shape to your silhouette, but it is crucial to find the right style for your body. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect breast prosthesis for swimming.

Types of Breast Prothesis for Swimming

Just like standard breast prostheses, breast prostheses for swimming, also called swim forms, come in various types depending on your preference. Many breast prostheses for mastectomy swimwear are made from medical grade silicone. However, some women prefer the look and feel of foam prostheses.

Silicone prostheses are popular for their lightweight and water resistant qualities. They are generally constructed from a silicone outer shell and filled with silicone gel or beads. This gives silicone breast prostheses more natural weight and movement.

Foam prostheses are typically lighter than silicone and are predominantly used for exercise or leisure activities. They are suitable for wearing while swimming. However, they may become water logged and therefore heavier. They can also irritate the skin if not removed from your swimwear after activity as they do not dry as quickly.

Shapes of Breast Prosthesis

Women come in all shapes and sizes, so it is essential to find the perfect swim form for your body type. The best way to find the right shape and style is to go for a professional fitting with a certified fitter and to understand the different shapes that swim forms come in.


Triangular shaped swim forms have a shallow profile with most of the volume toward the base of the breast. Triangular forms are best suited to women with a wider chest wall as the winged corners can wrap to fit snuggly under the arms.


Oval shaped swim forms have an even distribution of volume and provide greater projection from the chest wall. These forms are perfect for women who have had a complete mastectomy and offer ample volume for women with little remaining breast tissue.


Asymmetrical forms come in various shapes, but all feature elongated outer wings designed to contour to the body and fit under the arms. These forms are ideally suited to women who have had a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy and still have some remaining breast tissue but simply want added volume and definition.

Features of Breast Prosthesis for Swimming

While standard breast prostheses can be worn while in the water, swim forms have been specifically designed with additional features making them perfectly suited for wearing inside mastectomy bathing suits.


A breast prosthesis for mastectomy swimwear is typically lighter than standard breast forms due to their concave design and lightweight silicone construction. This reduced weight allows you to move more freely while in the water making them perfect for swimming laps or water aerobics.

Water resistant

Silicone swim forms are designed to be water resistant to prevent water logging which can change the shape and movement of foam breast forms. Many styles of swim form are also resistant to UV, salt, chlorine, and heat meaning you can wear them at the beach or in the pool, hot tub or sauna without risking damage.

Quick drying

Many styles of swim form feature a concave back with ribbing inside which allows the water to run off easily and increases air flow behind the swimsuit. This allows the swim forms to dry quickly minimizing skin irritation and allowing you to leave your swim forms inside your pocketed mastectomy bathing suits for easy dressing.

Comfortable fit

Breast prosthesis for mastectomy swimwear is designed with your comfort in mind. The concave shape creates a firm hold against the chest wall while the ribbing prevents uncomfortable suction. The natural curve of the prosthesis fits perfectly inside the pockets of your mastectomy swimsuit to prevent shifting or slipping meaning you can spend less time worrying about your breast forms and more time enjoying the water.

Final Thoughts

A breast prosthesis is a perfect solution for getting back your body confidence in the water this swimsuit season. Check out your local provider of mastectomy products to organize a professional fitting for swim forms and get back in the water.

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