5 Tips on Wearing Fishnet Stockings

Jun 06, 10

Fishnet stockings are gaining popularity amongst these days and they are made from materials which has several openings. Nowadays, you can find these stockings in different colours and styles. Out of many colours, black coloured fishnet stockings are commonly worn by most of the women all around the world.

You can pick any colour stockings which suit your styles and look great on you. Once you have purchased a pair of fishnet stockings then you need to make sure that you are wearing them appropriately.


How to wear fishnet stockings fashionably?

There are several ways to wear fishnet stockings and add mystery to your beauty.  Here are tips to consider while wearing fishnet stockings.

Match your stockings with your colour of the clothes

If you are wearing black fishnet stockings then make sure that you pair it with black pants or shirts. This attire will make you look more elegant and sexy. Avoid wearing printed fabric with fishnet stockings as it will look overdone.

Choose appropriate shoes


To add more grace to your look, you need to wear more conservation shoes with fishnet stockings. This will look great in a daytime occasion. Avoid wearing high heels with fishnet stockings.

Wear suitable pants and skirts with fishnet stockings

Stockings go well with pants and skirts on any occasion. If you are planning to wear a skirt with stockings then make sure that you wear a long skirt which covers your knee. Short skirt will ruin your look.

Get suitable mesh

The mesh refers to the size of the holes which are present in the fishnet stockings. If you want to wear stockings on a daytime occasion then get the stockings which have tiny holes.

Wear the color that suits your personality

Currently, you will find fishnet stockings in different colours such as black, white, red, etc. While choosing the color, you need to consider your skin tone and the nature of the event and then get suitable fishnet stockings.

Thus, wear the fishnet stockings which make you look sexy without much exposure.


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