Top 5 Ways to Wear Pashmina Shawls

Jun 06, 10

Pashmina shawls are one of the most popular shawls all over the world as they are versatile and look good on anyone. Pashmina shawls were originally made for Tibetans who lived in chilly Himalaya region. Earlier, they were worn for protection from extreme cold but now they are considered a stylish accessory.

Pashmina shawls are available in various sizes. The most common size is three feet wide and seven feet in length. One of the best things about Pashmina shawls is that they can be worn in different styles.

Few styles of wearing Pashmina shawls

After buying appropriate Pashmina shawls for yourself, you can wear them in different enhance your look to a great extent.

Simply wrap Pashmina shawls around

The most traditional way to don a Pashmina shawl is to just drape it over your shoulders and then fold it around your body. This style is commonly followed by people in the evenings of summer when the temperature is not so low.

Wear it as a stole

You can also wear your shawl as an evening stole by draping it over your arms and hang it from your underarms. This style is quite popular these days as it adds panache to your overall appearance.

Wear Pashmina shawls like neck scarves

You can also wear the shawl around your neck and let the smooth fabric hand around your shoulders. In order to make it more elegant, you can also wrap the hanging ends loosely or loop them over each other. Some people also get the ends of the shawl at their back.

Put the shawl on your head

To make it look more oriental, you can also place the shawl on your head to cover your hair. Also you can fold the edges of the shawl and let the ends nape around your neck.

The sarong style

By carrying the shawl in sarong style, you can carry of the beach look with a swagger. While carrying the Pashmina shawl in this style, you need to make sure that it is away from sand.

Thus, try different style whenever you wear your Pashmina shawl.

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