5 wedding dresses styles they you can choose from

Jun 06, 10

Selecting wedding dresses is possibly one of the most difficult and time consuming things for a bride. There are numerous styles of wedding dresses you can choose from, including:

  • A-Line or Princess
  • Empire
  • Ball Gown
  • Column
  • Mermaid

A-Line or Princess style:

The princess or a-line style wedding dresses are appropriate for most body types. These wedding dresses are specially made in a way to provide an impression of the height. They are good for brides who desire to look taller. Moreover, the cuts of wedding dresses greatly help the bride to look sleek and slim, which is an advantage.

The empire wedding dresses are good for all body types. They are especially best for women with smaller of larger bust. This is mainly because the empire wedding dress brings the attention around the neckline. The effect can further be increased by wearing some jewellery around the neckline.

The column style wedding dresses with their well fitting are more suitable for slim ladies. The hugging nature of these dresses will also help to make the bride look a bit taller.

Ball Gown:
These wedding dresses are ideal for slimmer brides and for the ones who want to hide the leg area. The way the ball gown wedding dresses fans out at the base do not show off the legs. However, the centre of focus is the upper half of the body. The style of ball gown wedding dress is well suited for shorter women as they look proportionally unequal.

Mermaid style wedding dresses are ideally suited for slender bride as they do not show off the figure. Moreover, they do not look flattering for the ones who do not enjoy the body curves of their body.

With different range of wedding dresses styles available, you can easily choose the one that well suits your requirements.


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