Top 5 Men’s Footwear for This Summer

Jun 06, 10

Like women, even men are getting obsessed with footwear these days. This is one of the main reasons why designers are coming up with new men’s footwear for every season. Nowadays, you will find different categories of men’s footwear such as casual shoes, work boots, dress shoes and athletic shoes.

Few popular types of men’s footwear for summer

If you are planning to buy new footwear this summer then consider slippers, shoes, loafers, etc.

Slip-ons – Slip-ons are one of the favourite footwear, as they look stylish and also make you appear casual and nonchalant. These slippers are available in different colours and styles. Slip-ons can be worn with shorts, jeans and casual pants.

Suede shoes – Generally, suede shoes are perfect for winter season but suede shoes are specially made for spring and summer. These shoes are one of the most popular types of men’s footwear. At the time of buying, you will find that these shoes are available in different shades such as black, mustard, brown, etc.

Boat shoes – They are one of the latest trends, and are highly popular. The new shoes are also available without laces and they are made from leather or suede material. Some of the recent boat shoes come in colours such as yellow, black, brown, etc. These shoes look smart with khakis, jeans and shorts.

Leather loafers – These footwear look classic and they are also available in different colors such as white, brown, tan, etc. Loafers look good great with casual dresses.

Formal dress shoes – Dress shoes look great in all the seasons. They can be worn with suits and formal pants. Nowadays, dress shoes are available in different colors such as gray, brown, black, etc.

Other than above mentioned men’s footwear, you can also buy oxford boots, desert boots, sneakers, etc for this summer.


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