End the School Year on a High Note with Custom School Awards

Jun 09, 22 End the School Year on a High Note with Custom School Awards
Jun 09, 22

Every teacher in every school in America undoubtedly thinks that their class is the best group of children in the world. This year, though, you can do something to make them feel that way themselves.

Here are a few ideas to make school awards more fun than ever this year:

Include Everyone

Students love being recognized for even the smallest achievements. Avoid making kids or even adult students feel left out of the fun by ensuring that everyone gets an award.

Customize your awards to make them highly personal and relevant to each student. That way, no one walks away feeling like they don’t deserve to be celebrated.

Make it a Party

The format of sitting through standard awards presentations may be fine for older children, but younger kids get bored easily. Instead of making them quietly sit through these events, give them something to be excited about by changing the format altogether.

Why not have a block party-style event? Use school property or even a gymnasium to control the chaos and serve refreshments. Play music, encourage dancing, and include fun, simple games for students to play. Throughout the event, award prizes over a loudspeaker or have students take breaks for small group awards presentations. Whatever you do, they’ll have a lot more fun than the usual ceremony allows for!

Customized Awards

Personalizing things makes them mean more. This is true for whatever age you work with. Your students will love awards that feel truly tailored to them.

There are plenty of ways to do this. You can engrave items yourself or have them custom made or engraved. You might be surprised at how little it costs to go that extra mile when you partner with an awards retailer in Los Angeles, CA for school awards. What won’t surprise you is just how much your students appreciate your acknowledgment – and how much they look forward to awards next year!

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