Complete Your Big Day With A Wedding Cake Stand

When you are planning your wedding day, there will be so many things to consider. Invitations have to be sent out, dresses and suits need to be found, the décor and theme of the ceremony and reception have to be planned and so much more. One thing that everyone is certain to expect at your wedding is a beautiful cake to celebrate you and your partner’s marriage. This cake should be very special and meaningful to both of you and deciding what you want it to look like is a very important consideration. The type of wedding cake stand you choose will also be a big question, as it should highlight your cake without drawing attention away from it. Wedding cake stands come in many different styles and varieties. Why Should I Get A Wedding Cake Stand? A cake, especially a large one that has several tiers, as most wedding cakes do, needs something firm to support it. A cake stand will give the wedding cake more height, which makes it more of a centerpiece and focal point of attention. However, it also makes it easier to cut slices from the large cake. If it was just sitting on a platter on the table top, then cutting slices from the cake would be slightly more difficult and definitely messier. Having a wedding cake stand will not only look more attractive and be neater, but it will also show how much you care about how your wedding reception looks and how much effort you were willing to put into it. Things To Consider When Looking For A Wedding Cake Stand As with all other aspects of your wedding day, the type of cake stand you get will be very important. When you are looking for just the right cake stand, you should look for one that will reflect the overall style and theme of your big day. Wedding cake stands come in a huge number of varieties. One type that is quite pretty is made...

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A Newbies Guide to Buying Belly Button Rings

Sep 26, 17 A Newbies Guide to Buying Belly Button Rings

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Navel piercings seem to have gained popularity over the course of recent years but have actually been around quite a long time. Historically speaking there is evidence that suggests the earliest wearers of the belly button rings were male, and actually denoted a special royal status in certain cultures like Ancient Egypt. Regardless of the original intention, in present days the belly button ring is now almost as common as traditional ear piercing itself. Belly Button Rings Aplenty Today the belly button ring is a seemingly limitless art form, hindered only by our imaginations. From the type of metal or material used right down to the design. You can be sure that if you can think it, then it can be done. With all the different options available it is the perfect way to showcase and enhance your personally unique look without making a drastic change to your appearance. Types and Styles of Belly Button Rings: Titanium Belly Rings Dangling Belly Rings Banana Belly Button Rings (Standard Barbell) Reverse Belly Rings Acrylic Belly Rings 14k Solid Gold Belly Rings Belly Button Shields Maternity Belly Button Rings Choosing a Belly Button Ring That is Perfect for You When selecting your belly button piercing it is important to note if you have certain metal allergies, and take that into consideration when choosing your jewelry. If you are unsure of how your body might react to certain materials, it is a good idea to stick with high-quality metals like 14k gold or surgical steel in order to avoid any possible skin reactions. If you already have a belly button piercing or are thinking about getting one, do your research to find the perfect quality and style of belly button jewelry for you. When you are looking to buy belly button rings check out reputable body jewelry websites such as to hand select the style and metal material that perfectly suits your unique style and needs. Be the first to...

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3 Tips Pro Cake Decorators Need to Know

As a cake decorator, it helps to know all of the best tips and tricks for making perfectly smooth cakes. It’s a fact that smooth, even layered cakes that are perfectly frosted just don’t get that way by themselves. However with the right techniques, you can be on your way to creating lovely cakes that are sure to wow the crowd. Whether you are a novice baker and cake decorator or you are a seasoned professional, you will enjoy having cakes that look simply stunning. Tip # 1 – Use professional turntables One of the best tools that pro cake decorators need to have is a professional turntables. Professional turntables literally do all of the hard work for you when it comes to decorating a cake. Simply place your finished cake atop the turntable and spin it as you ice the cake. This will allow your icing to go on evenly and have a smooth consistency all throughout. Whether you are icing your cake with fondant or buttercream, you can benefit from using professional turntables for great results. Tip # 2- Use a crumb layer Most pro cake decorators know about the crumb icing layer. This is the layer of icing you put on first and you use it to catch all of the crumbs. After icing the cake lightly to make a crumb layer, it helps to refrigerate the cake for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows that layer of icing to set and it creates a smooth base from which to ice the rest of the cake. This is one of the best tips you can use in addition to using professional turntables. Tip #3- Warm up your utensils The next and best tip you can utilize as a professional baker is to warm up your utensils before use. Take a cup of warm water and place your spatula into it prior to icing. Make sure that the spatula is completely dry before commencing the icing process. By using professional turntables and...

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How To Get Superior Cake Decorating Results With Satin Ice Fondant

Satin ice fondant is one of the most popular brands of fondant due to its exceptional quality and superior flavor. It has been used time and again and has been trusted by bakers nationwide to deliver an unparalleled finish to their cakes. Using satin ice fondant can finally give your cakes the professional finish you are going for. If you are wondering how to get phenomenal cake decorating results with satin ice fondant, read on below. Uniform cakes as a great base Underneath the icing and fondant, you will need to have fresh and evenly baked cakes. One of the important parts of making sure that your cakes come out great is to use anodized aluminum baking pans in order to form your cakes. If your cake will be layered, bake your cakes ahead of time so that they have plenty of time to cool down. After your cakes have cooled, you will be almost ready to use your satin ice fondant. Icing your cake Prior to placing the fondant, the first step will be to layer on the buttercream icing. One simple layer of buttercream icing is all that is required prior to icing your cake. The satin ice fondant will then be placed on top of the icing. Rolling out the fondant After your cake has icing on it, the next step will be to place fondant on top of the cake. This can be done very simply and all that is needed is to roll out the satin ice fondant to about 1/8 inch thickness. This type of fondant is very smooth and flexible so it is easy to work with. Due to the malleable nature of satin ice fondant, it has become many bakers’ favorite type of fondant. By following these simple steps, you will be well on your way to enjoying professional looking cake decorating results. we offer a wide range of different baking supplies including satin ice fondant. Place your order with us online and enjoy the highest...

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How to choose the perfect baking mat

Gone are the days when parchment paper was the only option for creating cookies in the oven. Instead, today’s baking suppliers have come up with some awesome solutions for bakers of all experience levels by creating the silicone baking mat. This baking mat is made out of silicone and is a highly durable and flexible material that allows you to bake very easily on its surface. It can withstand very high temperatures and can be used over and over again. Choosing the right baking mat is simple when you know just what to look for. The perfect sized mat for you When it comes to selecting the best silicone baking mat, you can benefit by knowing just what to look for. Some of the options in baking mats include those that are round, square, or even double sided. Prior to picking out the size, it makes sense to consider how you will be using the mat primarily. If you plan to use it for rolling fondant, then you will want to select a nice, large silicone baking mat. These are even available in extra large sizes measuring 23 inches x 31 1/2 inches long. In addition to this large size, you can also opt for a small, round 9 inch baking mat for small projects such as making cookies. Quality silicone material Purchasing a silicone baking mat is one of the smartest choices a baker can make. They can have access to a fully reusable baking mat that can be used for a variety of different purposes. However it is essential to make sure that you are purchasing a high quality silicone mat. It makes sense to invest in a mat that will withstand the test of time. Contact your local baking supplier to see where the mat originates from so you can determine whether or not it is from a trusted brand. you can purchase just the right silicone baking mat for your baking needs. You can also connect them on Facebook for...

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Three Types of Businesses That Should Consider Wholesale Umbrellas

Umbrellas are great for keeping away the rain and sun, but only if you take them with you when you go out. Simply forgetting an umbrella at home and getting stuck in the wrong type of weather is one of the main reasons people buy umbrellas. While it may be an annoyance for the customer, it’s good news for businesses that are ready to take advantage of the situation. Getting a good price on wholesale umbrellas allows you to offer what people need at a reasonable price: Everybody wins. Here are a few types of businesses where these sales are more common than others. Event Venues Some types of events are canceled in the event of rain, the primary example of this being baseball games. However, other sports like football play on through rain until the field floods. While the players might be able to tough it out, most of the fans may not want to, and not all of them will have brought their own rain gear. This provides a great opportunity to concession managers for increased sales. A good umbrella will also keep people at the game longer, increasing the probability they’ll buy more from the vendors. The same goes for concerts and other similar events that take place outdoors, rain or shine. Convenience Stores If your bodega doesn’t have a good source of quality wholesale umbrellas, you’re missing out on some important opportunities to provide convenience value for your customers. If someone ducks in off the street out of the rain, it’s important to be able to offer them more than the daily paper to get them back out there safe and dry. Anyone who’s too busy to wait around for the weather to clear will appreciate the ready availability of an umbrella when they need it. Tourism In sunny places, it’s becoming more and more popular to go out with an umbrella to avoid the damaging sun. However, tourists are usually not completely familiar with the weather patterns of the...

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