Getting Creative With Chocolate Candy Molds

Today, home bakers and professional bakers have access to the same types of tools and equipment. Through companies like N.Y. Cake, bakers of all levels and with all different specializations can find the perfect tools and equipment to use for all of their baking and candy making needs. For those who enjoy making their own chocolates, finding chocolate candy molds that are easy to use and provide a great selection of shapes and options is always a plus. While most hobby stores carry a limited selection of basic molds for bonbons and some seasonal candies, the true baker supply stores offer an incredible number of options to browse and select. Most of the professional quality chocolate candy molds are either silicone or polycarbonate. Both are very easy to work with and can be used time after time with very limited upkeep or special care. Simply wash with warm soapy water and dry, or with silicone molds, wash them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Seasonal Molds There are some great seasonal molds for chocolates out there, with the traditional heart shapes for Valentine’s Day as well as the Easter and Christmas iconic shapes. However, it is also possible to use a standard bonbon type of mold and simply add decorative elements to the chocolates to create a seasonal look. 3D Molds Rather than a flat, two-dimensional shape, the use of polycarbonate and silicone chocolate candy molds allows for three-dimensional shapes. These look just like commercially available chocolates, but they can be customized and personalized to suit any type of event. 3D molds are also a great way to create unique types of chocolates. There are some fun high heel and men’s shoe molds, as well as chocolate race cars, gem shapes and even delightful chocolate spoons that are perfect to add to a dessert coffee. Be the first to...

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Choosing the Right Housewares for Your Home

Style is everything when it comes to choosing the right housewares in Jacksonville for your home. Whether you are a fan of color or someone who prefers a more elegant style, you will find the options available to you are quite extensive. The trick however, is choosing what you feel will show off your inner style and bring your home together. Whether you want the perfect pattern for your dinnerware or a classic feel from your drinkware, combining all the elements you wish to display into the perfect housewares set up for your home is a challenging, yet fun, project to tackle. Everything You Need Housewares covers a wide array of items. Dinnerware, drinkware, cookware, décor, and even holiday displays all combine to offer you and your home everything you need. Before you start buying however, its important to know exactly what you want to incorporate into each room of your home. Choosing colors, patterns, and other designs ahead of time will give you a better idea of what additions you need to purchase when you make a visit to a store. Managing to incorporate your vision along with all the amazing items you will find available for purchase will give you the chance to not only expand your horizons, but you will also see the beauty of the items you are planning on adding to your home. Gone are the days of keeping things mundane like our parents and grandparents before us. You now have the ability to add in everything you’ve ever dreamed of when furnishing your home. Finding the Right Place Finding the right place to purchase your housewares in Jacksonville is crucial to home decorating. If you want to show your true style, stop by Fabulous Home. They have everything you need to bring your home to life. Be the first to...

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The Storied History of Persian Rugs and Where to Buy Them Today

Persian rugs are something people often talk about but which few people understand the origins and impact of. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about the world’s most beautiful carpets: Ancient Beginnings In what is now Iran, the art of weaving that would lead to today’s most treasured carpets and rugs began nearly three-thousand years ago. They began as objects of necessity; the nomadic people of this area needed temporary coverings for the ground where they stayed, to protect their feet and make a better, more stable surface for sleeping. These humble beginnings led to a craft that was passed down through generations to become one of the most famous skills in the entire world. Cyrus the Great – conqueror of Babylon – is credited with bringing the beautiful, intricate designs of these carpets to Persia. He was reportedly so taken with the rugs that his burial place is said to be covered in them. That devotion lives on today in the many fans of this style of woven carpet. Bringing Persian Rugs to the Masses So, how did this uniquely eastern art become so popular around the world? During the 19th century, American retailers set up businesses aimed specifically at bringing exotic, beautiful wares like Persian rugs to consumers back in the states – and all over the world. These businessmen prided themselves on sourcing the rugs directly from artisans in the area, something that those who insist on quality and craftsmanship still do to this day! These days, if you want authentic Persian rugs in the Memorial area, you’ll have to shop with a local purveyor of these precious articles. Yes, even today, eastern artisans are creating gorgeous tapestries and carpets that you can bring home to love. It’s like owning a little piece of history to lay beneath your feet! Be the first to...

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3 Unusual Uses for Cloth Napkins

Napkins tend to serve a singular purpose in life: to clean up food. There are dozens of applications for paper napkins, but most of them relate to keeping food and its spills under control. Cloth napkins serve as an elegant alternative to paper napkins, but, they do not have to be just napkins. There are plenty of different, fun things to do with cloth napkins, three of which are below. 1. Make origami. Beautiful restaurants usually have a folded napkin as part of the table setting, but there are hundreds of different folding patterns to try with cloth napkins. These patterns range from the simple, everyday folding, to the exquisitely detailed, time-consuming pieces of miniature art. Try your hand at an unusual pattern the next time you host a dinner party or even gather friends for a simple meal. A pretty design will add a twist of elegance to the gathering. And, if a design is too lovely, use it as a decoration. Display it proudly, or unfold it and try again. 2. Create custom party favors. Perhaps you will be hosting a particular birthday party, or planning a wedding. Cloth napkins can be purchased in bulk, and with this piece of fabric as a base, consider custom elements like monogrammed initials, or a pretty design, or a symbol that best represents the gathering. Napkins can easily be made by hand as well, no extensive sewing experience necessary. 3. Quilt Pieces. If you love to sew, consider a cloth napkin as a simple, pre-cut, alternative quilt square. The napkins come in a variety of sizes, and the pretty and unique design options are numerous. You can even order napkins in bulk, and use them as test scraps, or try out a different stitch on them. These are just a few ideas for alternate, and fun uses for cloth napkins. Explore the possibilities of creativity, and find what works for you. Be the first to...

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5 Ways to Learn How to Bake Better Cakes

Baking cakes take skill. If yours keep turning out into a disaster, here are a few tips to help you improve. Invest in tools Skills are important but tools matter as well. If you want to improve your craft, then investing in better quality cake tools is a step in the right direction. With the right tools, achieving successful results should be much easier. Rely on a good recipe Don’t just pick out a recipe online. Compare different recipes. Or get one from a source you trust. That way, you know the recipe has been tried and tested, the BBC Good Food says. Follow the instructions Never try to experiment on your own, unless you already know what you’re doing. If you’ve already mastered the basics, then you can try going off the book. If you’re a beginner, though, taking that step can lead to disastrous results in the kitchen. Know the basics Know as much as you can about the chemical reactions that happen when you bake. A greater understanding of these things will help you become a better and more intuitive baker. Practice a lot Bake every day. Do it over and over until you get it right. Every failure you encounter is an opportunity to learn. That kind of mindset, partnered with the right cake tools, will see your talent and skills growing in no time. Ensure the right temperature Pay attention to the individual temperature of these ingredients when you use them. For instance, some recipes will instruct you to use eggs and butter at room temperature. If you’re going to use butter straight from the fridge, that’s going to mess up the recipe and the results. If you’ve been wondering why your cakes aren’t turning out to be as good as they should, then you may be making this mistake. Be the first to...

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Tips for Selecting the Ideal Body Jewelry

Aug 02, 18 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Body Jewelry

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Choosing the ideal body jewelry is more than picking a style that you love. There are other considerations that can affect how the jewelry works out for you. Body jewelry comes in many styles and materials, choosing the ideal style from a material that works for you. Tip # 1 Choose the Material Choosing the right material is really the first decision you need to make when it comes to choosing the right jewelry. When you are considering which material will work best for you consider your tolerance to alloys. You have a few options if you react to alloys (like nickel a common allergen): Stainless steel Surgical steel Plastic If you do find that you have a reaction to certain metals, surgical steel or plastic will be a safer option for you. Your jewelry should not make you itch, breakout or cause inflammation. If you have experienced this in the past it can mean that you are hyper sensitive to the alloy used in the jewelry. Going with plastic or surgical steel options will be safer. Tip # 2 Don’t Rush If you are trying to “gauge up” take your time. moving up a gauge size at a time is the wiser choice. Forcing the situation can lead to infections, scarring and backfire on you. Shop for jewelry that will fit now. It is just the smarter, safer way to manage. Tip # 3 Always a Trusted Source It is imperative that you use a trusted source for all your jewelry purchases to ensure that you get the quality that you deserve. is a highly reliable source that offers a wide selection. Shopping at will give you the options that you want and the peace of mind knowing you are buying safe jewelry. Click here to buy body jewelry online. Be the first to...

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