Adding Details to Your Baked Creations Using Small Colored Pearls

Aug 29, 19

When you’re decorating cakes and cupcakes, you can use frosting and other items to bring them to life. Another option is sugar pearls. These are small decorative colored balls that are made entirely out of sugar. You can get almost any color that you need to match any theme that you want to create. There are usually special colors available for holidays as well, such as black and orange for Halloween or red and green for Christmas.


An easy way that you can use sugar pearls is to create borders on the cakes and cupcakes you bake. When you place the pearls on top of the frosting, they will usually stay in place because they are positioned in a sticky substance instead of on a flat surface. You could create a border along the base of a cake with pearls of different sizes and then create a pattern on the rest of the cake with smaller pearls.

Elegant Additions and Ideas

White, gold, silver, and shimmering pearls can be used as elegant decorations on everything from wedding cakes to cupcakes for a wedding or baby shower. An idea would be to create a necklace with the pearls, designing it so that it drapes over the side of a cake. You could also randomly place shimmering pearls on cupcakes for a touch of color that is stunning to look at instead of just leaving them with plain frosting. The pearls can also be placed along the bottom layers or tall cakes to create a division from one layer to the next. If you’re decorating a wedding cake or one similar in design, then consider using silver, white, or gold, depending on the other colors that are used as you want the pearls to match. Pearls can also be used to add texture and detail to flowers on cakes and cupcakes.

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