3 Tips Pro Cake Decorators Need to Know

Sep 26, 17 3 Tips Pro Cake Decorators Need to Know
Sep 26, 17

As a cake decorator, it helps to know all of the best tips and tricks for making perfectly smooth cakes. It’s a fact that smooth, even layered cakes that are perfectly frosted just don’t get that way by themselves. However with the right techniques, you can be on your way to creating lovely cakes that are sure to wow the crowd. Whether you are a novice baker and cake decorator or you are a seasoned professional, you will enjoy having cakes that look simply stunning.

Tip # 1 – Use professional turntables

One of the best tools that pro cake decorators need to have is a professional turntables. Professional turntables literally do all of the hard work for you when it comes to decorating a cake. Simply place your finished cake atop the turntable and spin it as you ice the cake. This will allow your icing to go on evenly and have a smooth consistency all throughout. Whether you are icing your cake with fondant or buttercream, you can benefit from using professional turntables for great results.

Tip # 2- Use a crumb layer

Most pro cake decorators know about the crumb icing layer. This is the layer of icing you put on first and you use it to catch all of the crumbs. After icing the cake lightly to make a crumb layer, it helps to refrigerate the cake for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows that layer of icing to set and it creates a smooth base from which to ice the rest of the cake. This is one of the best tips you can use in addition to using professional turntables.

Tip #3- Warm up your utensils

The next and best tip you can utilize as a professional baker is to warm up your utensils before use. Take a cup of warm water and place your spatula into it prior to icing. Make sure that the spatula is completely dry before commencing the icing process.

By using professional turntables and following the additional tips, you will be well on your way to using the tips of a professional cake decorator.

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