Three Types of Businesses That Should Consider Wholesale Umbrellas

Feb 10, 17

Umbrellas are great for keeping away the rain and sun, but only if you take them with you when you go out. Simply forgetting an umbrella at home and getting stuck in the wrong type of weather is one of the main reasons people buy umbrellas. While it may be an annoyance for the customer, it’s good news for businesses that are ready to take advantage of the situation. Getting a good price on wholesale umbrellas allows you to offer what people need at a reasonable price: Everybody wins. Here are a few types of businesses where these sales are more common than others.

Event Venues

Some types of events are canceled in the event of rain, the primary example of this being baseball games. However, other sports like football play on through rain until the field floods. While the players might be able to tough it out, most of the fans may not want to, and not all of them will have brought their own rain gear. This provides a great opportunity to concession managers for increased sales. A good umbrella will also keep people at the game longer, increasing the probability they’ll buy more from the vendors. The same goes for concerts and other similar events that take place outdoors, rain or shine.

Convenience Stores

If your bodega doesn’t have a good source of quality wholesale umbrellas, you’re missing out on some important opportunities to provide convenience value for your customers. If someone ducks in off the street out of the rain, it’s important to be able to offer them more than the daily paper to get them back out there safe and dry. Anyone who’s too busy to wait around for the weather to clear will appreciate the ready availability of an umbrella when they need it.


In sunny places, it’s becoming more and more popular to go out with an umbrella to avoid the damaging sun. However, tourists are usually not completely familiar with the weather patterns of the places they visit. Add this to the fact that good umbrellas are bulky and hard to take along while traveling, and you see very few people coming to hotels prepared with adequate rain and sun protection. This is leading many hospitality businesses to offer umbrellas as an amenity to their guests.

There are many businesses in both the retail and service sectors that can get a great value out of wholesale umbrellas. If your business falls into one of these categories, consider keeping some umbrellas around for a rainy day. For more details Click here.

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