Best Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundering Strategies in Edina, MN

Oct 04, 12

When you go to purchase new clothes, do you put back anything that is labeled “dry clean only”? Do you just go ahead and wash any of your dry clean only items because the thought of dealing with the dry cleaning process is just too much for you to bear? Or are you at the other end of the spectrum? Are you the type of person who sends all of your clothes to the dry cleaners because you think this is the best way to take care of your clothing and you just like how they do it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple way to wash and protect your clothing. What you have to do is take the time to follow the cleaning instructions on all articles of clothing. This is the only way you can be sure that your clothes will last a long time and live up to the expectations of the manufacturers. But getting clothes laundered by a professional service will also meet those expectations.

But there are some real perks to hiring dry cleaning and shirt laundering services. For example, they not only wash your clothes, but they will also press your shirts for you. No one really likes ironing. It is time consuming and it can be difficult to get those shirts perfect. Shirt laundering will take care of those issues for you, giving you back a shirt that looks like you just bought it.

A laundering service is going to wash your clothes properly, or dry clean as the case may be. They will press them to your exact specifications and they will keep them hung up in order to prevent any wrinkles or creases from developing.

Let’s be clear, we are not talking about dry cleaning all of your clothes. Really, the only clothes that should be dry cleaned are the ones that are specifically labeled as dry clean only. Most often, clothing that is dry clean only is made up of materials that don’t react well to contact with water. Dry cleaning is the only option, but that doesn’t mean it is a superior method of cleaning.

In fact, if you want crisp looking clothing, getting your clothes professional laundered and pressed is the best way to make that happen. The point of the story here is to do what you clothes tell you to do. They don’t label clothes just for the fun of it. Those labels are there so you know how to make your fabrics last the longest.

If you are looking for shirt laundering in Edina, MN, look no further than Pilgrim Cleaners. They are experienced in laundering, alterations, and dry cleaning. You won’t go wrong working with a company that has a reputation as good as theirs.



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