Finding the Right Loose Diamond for Your Needs

Nov 26, 15 Finding the Right Loose Diamond for Your Needs

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There are many good reasons to buy diamonds, and they do not have to be set into jewelry. In fact, many people are choosing loose diamonds because it gives them a variety of options. However, what is the best size, shape, and type of loose diamond to buy? Here is a closer look at loose diamonds to help you make your decision. Buying for Investment Purposes Buying a loose diamond for the investment potential can be an excellent way to spend your money. If you want your precious stones to appreciate in value as much as possible, you may want to buy round diamonds. Round stones are still the most popular shape and they will always be in demand. Your initial investment with round diamonds may be a little higher than other selections. When round stones are cut, there is a considerable amount of waste created in the process. When you buy a square cut stone like a princess cut, you may get a better price because there is less waste in making princess cut diamonds. Clarity Enhanced Stones CE or clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds with certain flaws repaired. You can buy a loose diamond cheaper this way. However, it will not be worth as much as a non enhanced stone of the same clarity and cut. When it comes to buying diamonds for the investment potential it is usually best to stay with un-enhanced stones. Custom Jewelry Many people are making loose diamond purchases for custom jewelry and this can be a great way to have exactly what you want. You can buy the perfect stone for your creation and submit your plans to your jeweler. They will create your jewelry using modern methods like three dimensional computer aided design programs, to give you just what you want. There is another benefit to buying a loose diamond for custom jewelry. You can purchase the stone now and have it set into jewelry, at a later date. This helps to break up...

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