How To Get Superior Cake Decorating Results With Satin Ice Fondant

Jul 25, 17 How To Get Superior Cake Decorating Results With Satin Ice Fondant
Jul 25, 17

Satin ice fondant is one of the most popular brands of fondant due to its exceptional quality and superior flavor. It has been used time and again and has been trusted by bakers nationwide to deliver an unparalleled finish to their cakes. Using satin ice fondant can finally give your cakes the professional finish you are going for. If you are wondering how to get phenomenal cake decorating results with satin ice fondant, read on below.

Uniform cakes as a great base

Underneath the icing and fondant, you will need to have fresh and evenly baked cakes. One of the important parts of making sure that your cakes come out great is to use anodized aluminum baking pans in order to form your cakes. If your cake will be layered, bake your cakes ahead of time so that they have plenty of time to cool down. After your cakes have cooled, you will be almost ready to use your satin ice fondant.

Icing your cake

Prior to placing the fondant, the first step will be to layer on the buttercream icing. One simple layer of buttercream icing is all that is required prior to icing your cake. The satin ice fondant will then be placed on top of the icing.

Rolling out the fondant

After your cake has icing on it, the next step will be to place fondant on top of the cake. This can be done very simply and all that is needed is to roll out the satin ice fondant to about 1/8 inch thickness. This type of fondant is very smooth and flexible so it is easy to work with. Due to the malleable nature of satin ice fondant, it has become many bakers’ favorite type of fondant.

By following these simple steps, you will be well on your way to enjoying professional looking cake decorating results.

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