Are Post Mastectomy Camisoles Covered by Insurance?

If you are looking into supplementing your post-mastectomy wardrobe with a post-mastectomy camisole, you may be wondering: Will my insurance cover my post-mastectomy camisole purchase? The answer to that question is fairly straightforward, with a few exceptions: Most insurance companies will cover the cost of breast prosthesis and post-mastectomy garments, including mastectomy camisoles. However, there may be some extenuating circumstance and clauses in your coverage that make obtaining that coverage a little bit more convoluted. The following is a guide to help you determine what is covered, what isn’t covered, and what to look for as well as where to look in your health insurance to find out which mastectomy garments are covered by your insurance company. Medicare coverage Medicare coverage sets the guidelines for what is and is not covered by health insurance. According to these guidelines, partial reimbursement can be granted for four to six mastectomy bras annually, and three medically necessary camisoles per month. However, additional bras or camisoles may be prescribed by your doctor if you experience significant weight gain or loss after surgery. Typically, your insurance is also required to cover these additional garment prescriptions, though the mastectomy camisole purchased must meet certain standards, such as the inclusion of pockets for breast prosthesis, in order to be covered by Medicare. Private insurance coverage Similar rules generally apply to private insurance, and the only major difference may be the number of post-surgical bras, or mastectomy camisoles that are covered by your plan, as well as the amount reimbursed for each product. It is important to contact your insurance agent or company to verify your exact benefits before scheduling a fitting to ensure t you are looking at the correct products from the start of your fitting. Talk to your certified fitter about which products your policy covers, how many garments are permitted annually, and how much is reimbursed for different pieces. With this information, a certified fitter can help you find and fit clothing in your price and product range...

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Breast Prosthesis for Mastectomy Swimwear

One of the challenges faced by many women who have undergone a mastectomy is getting back in the water, and for women who choose not to have reconstructive surgery, a breast prosthesis for mastectomy swimwear can help them to feel comfortable and confident in the water again. The right breast prosthesis can give you volume and shape to your silhouette, but it is crucial to find the right style for your body. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect breast prosthesis for swimming. Types of Breast Prothesis for Swimming Just like standard breast prostheses, breast prostheses for swimming, also called swim forms, come in various types depending on your preference. Many breast prostheses for mastectomy swimwear are made from medical grade silicone. However, some women prefer the look and feel of foam prostheses. Silicone prostheses are popular for their lightweight and water resistant qualities. They are generally constructed from a silicone outer shell and filled with silicone gel or beads. This gives silicone breast prostheses more natural weight and movement. Foam prostheses are typically lighter than silicone and are predominantly used for exercise or leisure activities. They are suitable for wearing while swimming. However, they may become water logged and therefore heavier. They can also irritate the skin if not removed from your swimwear after activity as they do not dry as quickly. Shapes of Breast Prosthesis Women come in all shapes and sizes, so it is essential to find the perfect swim form for your body type. The best way to find the right shape and style is to go for a professional fitting with a certified fitter and to understand the different shapes that swim forms come in. Triangular Triangular shaped swim forms have a shallow profile with most of the volume toward the base of the breast. Triangular forms are best suited to women with a wider chest wall as the winged corners can wrap to fit snuggly under the arms. Oval Oval shaped swim forms have an...

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Why Anarkali Suits Are Popular And Why You Need Them?

Aug 31, 16 Why Anarkali Suits Are Popular And Why You Need Them?

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Ladies everywhere used to choose sarees for weddings and other functions, but now, more and more women are choosing Anarkali suits. This makes some people wonder why they’re so popular and if they’re something to consider. Therefore, if you’re deciding between a suit or a saree, it may be helpful to learn why they’re popular to help you make your decision. Indian Gown Even though it is called a suit and most people associate that term with pants and a jacket, Anarkali suits are the Indian version of a gown (long, flowing, beautiful dress). They are usually floor-length and full-skirted, making them perfect for almost any formal occasion. However, you may find more form-fitting versions and some with slits, making them ideal for the more modern woman. Comfortable/Easy-To-Wear The primary reason people love these items is that they are easy to wear and comfortable. Most parties and functions last upwards of four or more hours. It can be extremely uncomfortable to wear fancy things for that length of time, but these are much more comfortable. Likewise, they’re easy to put on, as they can go over the head like a regular dress. Unmarried While it’s not unheard of, unmarried Indian women tend to feel a little reluctant to wear a saree, as it’s seen as something for married women and mothers. Therefore, unmarried women can feel more comfortable wearing Anarkali suits. Slimming If you choose the right suit, you can make yourself look slimmer just by putting one on. Many are designed to be looser in the bust and waist, perfect for the beautiful, larger lady. Feel Beautiful/Regal Women of every ethnicity want to feel pretty, and you can’t go wrong with a suit like this. They’re embellished with beads and jewels, have embroidery and are designed to make a statement. You’ll feel like royalty while wearing it. In conclusion, an Anarkali suit is the perfect choice for unmarried women who want to feel beautiful. You will feel like royalty and may even look...

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Get the Best Shirt Laundering In MN

Your expensive and exquisite shirts deserve the best shirt laundering in MN. A good shirt could very well be ruined for the want of careful handling. Before you give your shirt for laundering, make sure you have ascertained the quality of the Laundromat and are satisfied with it. Use of detergents and chemicals, bleaching or washing with other coarse clothes can cause the fabric of a shirt to be damage and eventually the shirt will begin fraying and tearing away. Dry cleaning too is very harsh on a shirt. So when you need shirt laundering in MN, make sure you approach a really good Laundromat and see to it that they take good care of your shirt. Shirt Laundering In MN – Launder Shirts Exclusively Always instruct your Laundromat to launder the shirt exclusively. A fine shirt dumped into a washer with other coarse fabrics can do severe damage to the shirt. Of course, there’s also the risk of another garment bleeding color into your shirt. A good shirt laundering in MN will never mix up shirts with other fabrics. Use Mild Detergents While Shirt Laundering In MN This is another basic guideline for shirt laundering. You do however need to make sure your Laundromat takes due care of this. Harsh detergents can cause severe damage and wearing out of the cloth of a shirt that will not only make it appear dull and old but also wear and tear much faster. So if you intend to drop off your fabrics for shirt laundering in MN, make sure your Laundromat is clearly instructed about the use of chemicals. If you are laundering them yourself however, you know just what to do. Shirt Laundering In MN for Long Life of Shirts Professional shirt laundering in MN is always a good idea as compared to washing it at home. A good Laundromat is rather better equipped with high quality washers specifically for protecting the shine and thread of the shirts. They also have professional staff that...

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Best Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundering Strategies in Edina, MN

When you go to purchase new clothes, do you put back anything that is labeled “dry clean only”? Do you just go ahead and wash any of your dry clean only items because the thought of dealing with the dry cleaning process is just too much for you to bear? Or are you at the other end of the spectrum? Are you the type of person who sends all of your clothes to the dry cleaners because you think this is the best way to take care of your clothing and you just like how they do it? Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple way to wash and protect your clothing. What you have to do is take the time to follow the cleaning instructions on all articles of clothing. This is the only way you can be sure that your clothes will last a long time and live up to the expectations of the manufacturers. But getting clothes laundered by a professional service will also meet those expectations. But there are some real perks to hiring dry cleaning and shirt laundering services. For example, they not only wash your clothes, but they will also press your shirts for you. No one really likes ironing. It is time consuming and it can be difficult to get those shirts perfect. Shirt laundering will take care of those issues for you, giving you back a shirt that looks like you just bought it. A laundering service is going to wash your clothes properly, or dry clean as the case may be. They will press them to your exact specifications and they will keep them hung up in order to prevent any wrinkles or creases from developing. Let’s be clear, we are not talking about dry cleaning all of your clothes. Really, the only clothes that should be dry cleaned are the ones that are specifically labeled as dry clean only. Most often, clothing that is dry clean only is made up of materials that don’t react well...

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