7 Tips to for Going to the Minneapolis Laundromat

Going to the laundromat may seem like a simple task, but it is still an activity that involves planning and preparedness. Below are seven tips to help you be successful on your trip to the Minneapolis Laundromat.

1. Have Money Ready: Always be prepared by keeping a ration of quarters saved up to use at the Minneapolis Laundromat. The laundromat does have a change machines, but those can malfunction, so it is always best to go to the laundromat with coins already in your possession.

2. Check Supplies: Before heading to the laundromat, make sure that your detergent, bleach, and fabric softeners are all at adequate levels to complete your laundry. Don’t wait to find this out until you get to the laundromat and get ready to start your wash going.

3. Sorting: Save time by sorting your clothes prior to going to the laundromat, so that loads are ready to go. Spending time sorting clothes at the laundromat wastes time and takes you away from spending time at home or with friends.

4. Read and Follow Instructions: Make sure to read the instructions on the machines at the laundromat you are at, as instructions vary from machine to machine. The instructions are usually located inside the lid and knowing how that machine works will ensure that your clothes are washed properly and are not damaged.

5. Watch Your Clothing: Don’t ever leave your clothing unattended while at the Minneapolis Laundromat. Always stay at the laundromat while your clothes are washing and drying and make sure to pay attention to your machines. Laundromats are hot targets for people looking to steal unattended clothing.

6. Bring an Activity: Come prepared to the laundromat with an activity to fill your time while your clothes are in the washers and dryers. Instead of sitting idle and wasting valuable time, bring a book, homework, newspaper, or game. This is also a good time to catch up on phone calls with your friends and family.

7. Be Prepared: Make sure to bring anything you will need once your clothes are washed and dried. This includes hangers, baskets, and bags. You will preserve the fresh look of your clothes by folding and storing clothes correctly for the travel home.



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